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We are so excited about our updated website and online banking site and are pleased to annouce that our new mobile app for iPhone and Android devices is now available!  With this new mobile app, not only will you be able to access many of the same features from Online Banking, like:

  • Checking & savings account transactions,
  • Online Bill Pay, and
  • Same day transfers between accounts,

You will also have the flexibility to do any of those things anytime and anywhere you use your mobile device. The new FMB Mobile App has other exciting features, too, like the ability to:

  • Add accounts from other credit cards or financial institutions so you can manage all your transactions in one place,
  • Categorize and organize your transactions with tags, and
  • Use the GPS on your mobile device to direct you to the nearest FMB office or ATM.

While banking with your mobile phone, you can rely on the same security measures that we use for online banking, in addition to mobile specific security features.

Click the links below to download for Android or iOS devices!