Farmers and Merchants Bank offers a comprehensive range of cash management services that fit the needs of small businesses and corporate clients. From collections to disbursements and reporting services, we have the tools to help you manage your cash efficiently. 

Improve your organization's earning potential by identifying available funds.
Accelerate cash flow and reduce internal costs of processing receivables.
Reduce your organization's net costs in making payments to suppliers, vendors and employees.
Increase your effectiveness at managing risk and fraud while obtaining access to accounts and transaction initiation via the internet.
Maximize your organization's bottom line with automated daily cash positioning between investments and/or credit.

Contact Kristy Mayo (770) 784-9296 ext. 123 to personally identify how FMB Cash Management Services can enhance the financial performance of your organization.

FMB Concentration Services offer you efficiency and control. We will identify opportunities that will enhance your business processes and provide you with better control and security.

     Cash Concentration
Cash Concentration allows you to transfer funds from your own account(s) held at other financial institutions into your Farmers and Merchants Bank checking. Concentrate your funds quickly and efficiently from multiple banks via ACH.

  • Increases cash management opportunities
  • Enhance cash flow
  • Increases control

     Zero Balance Account
The Zero Balance Account (ZBA) allows you to consolidate funds in one master account while benefiting from the convenience of multiple local depository accounts.

  • Saves time
  • Increases earnings potential
  • Enhances audit control

     Wire Transfer
Wire Transfers offer secure and flexible options to help you better manage your funds and enhance your processes. You have the security of knowing your funds are available immediately.

  • Sends and receives funds conveniently and electronically
  • Increases control and security of funds transfers                                            

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Cash Flow Management
FMB Collection Services offer you speed, control and accuracy. We will help you streamline your collection processes, accelerate funds availability, and provide electronic payment options to your clients.

        Direct Payment
Direct Payment allows you to collect your payments in a timely, secure, and cost effective method. We will process your file of pre-authorized debits and dramatically reduce the time and cost associated with paper remittances.

  • Saves processing time and staff expense
  • Improves cash flow
  • Reduces delinquencies
  • Increases control and security
  • Improves your company image as being customer oriented and technologically advanced

     Merchant Services

FMB Merchant Services allows you to accept customer payments via credit card and debit card.

  • Customer convenience
  • Saves time and money
  • Promotes customer loyalty
  • Gift Card programs available

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Electronic Disbursement
FMB disbursement services offer you control, efficiency, and flexibility. We will help you streamline your disbursement process and develop the most cost-effective method to issue your payables.

     Automated Clearing House
Enhance your cash flow forecasting and decision-making information with Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions.

  • Saves processing time and staff expense
  • Ensures timely and accurate processing
  • Increases control and security

     Direct Deposit of Payroll

Direct Deposit Fee Schedule

Please contact Kristy Mayo (770) 786-9296 ext.123 for pricing.

Direct Deposit of Payroll Allows you to deposit your employees’ payroll directly into their accounts at their respective financial institutions via ACH.

  • Direct payroll deposits
  • Increases control and security
  • Benefits employees

         Wire Transfer
Wire Transfers offer secure and flexible options to help you better manage your funds and enhance your processes. You have the security of knowing your funds are available immediately.

  • Sends and receives funds conveniently
  • Increases control and security of funds transfers

*Subject to Credit Approval.  Rate increases and free closing costs apply only to new accounts.

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Electronic Reporting
FMB provides you with timely, accurate information that allows you to make informed cash management decisions to optimize your cash position.

     Account Analysis
Analysis Statements allow you to monitor pricing and balance trends to effectively manage your banking relationship.

  • Increases cash management opportunities
  • Assists in managing costs
  • Enhances control

     Account Reconciliation
Choose from a variety of account reconciliation plans that allow you to reconcile your clearing and deposit activity more efficiently.

  • Saves time
  • Customizes plans
  • Enhances audit control

     Cash Management Online
Cash Management Online is a Web-based system that allows your organization to perform a variety of banking functions from your PC. You will have the financial tools needed to manage your banking relationship on a daily basis.

  • Increases cash management opportunities
  • Enhances security and control
  • Provides convenient access
  • Offers comprehensive package of banking tools

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Automated Sweep Services
FMB automated sweep services optimize the use of your organization’s funds by automatically performing your daily cash management positioning. We will conduct an analysis to determine which “sweep” is best to maximize your return. You will find that the sweep provides an efficient method of managing your liquid funds.

       Line of Credit Sweep
The Line of Credit Sweep optimizes the use of your organization’s funds by automatically paying down your line of credit above a predetermined target balance.

  • Reduces interest expense
  • Saves time
  • Convenience

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